Longhorn Lacrosse Shootout and an interview w/ Mikey Powell

This weekend was the the annual Longhorn Shootout at the University of Texas.  Westwood varsity did well, winning both of the preliminary games on Saturday against Allen and McCallum.  We lost our first game Sunday morning, 9-8, against Westlake and beat St. Andrew’s, 10-2, in the consolation game.  All in all, a good weekend.  A number of our players were gone or out of town for family or Young Life events, but the younger guys got a lot of experience and we got a good gauge of how much we’ve improved since last year and through the fall.   

A nice highlight to the weekend was running into Mikey Powell down at the UT fields.  Mrs. Jman and I were headed back from lunch (check out Mandola’s if you are ever down by ‘The Triangle’), and she saw Mikey hanging out by the entrance gate .  

Mrs. Jman: “There’s Mikey Powell.  Why does he always have a white t-shirt on?”

The Jman: “I dont know, just his style I gue …  Wait, huh?”

Sure enough, there he was looking like he was waiting for a bus.  So we stopped and said ‘Hi’.  *This is the first time I had ever met him and I must say he is as nice as everyone says.*

Mike, thanks for taking time to chat with us.

You can hear and learn more about Mikey Powell and the Villains Trust here: MySpace / Facebook


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