“Why?” w/ Quint Kessenich

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always agree with Quint Kessenich.  Sometimes not with what he says, a lot of the time not on what he wears…  BUT HE GOT IT RIGHT WITH THIS:  http://video.insidelacrosse.com/video/view/xmBFc5Dzzb–E86EPJ40nw/quint-asks-why

Well done, Q!

Side notes:
– The cost of gear is hamstringing the growth of the sport. 
– NY vs MD Bay State games are no longer a comparable measure of talent.  There needs to be more focus getting the schools to play eachother
– I think the NCAA should mandate that every player has to use an Original Viper
– Pinched heads perpetuate the speed of sidewall deterioration (*See previous item)
– I have no problem with younger players being spotlighted for their play but I think that kids shouldn’t be able to provide commitments, verbal or written, until the Fall of their senior year.
– Regarding ‘eye black’ and ‘pregame music’: Please see my KIN461 paper for more in-depth research about the psychological correlation between these types of rituals and increased athletic performance.


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