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‘No Shame’ November

So some of the guys decided that we would have a beard growing contest for the month of November and see who could grow the most grizzled of facial hair.  Well theJman suffers from what many call ‘patchiness’ when it comes to growing beards and or mustaches.  But I gave it a go…
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‘High-Five’ Friday: GO NAVY

Hope this gets your weekend off to a great start


Bonus video after the jump
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Throwback Thursday: ‘Veteran’s Day’ Edition

This week a greatful nation says ‘Thank you’ to those who have risked their lives defending our way of life and we honor the men and women who have given their lives to protect the freedom of this country.

Today we remember Lt. Donald C. MacLaughlin, United States Naval Academy, Class of ’63
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‘Thank you’ to all our veterans!!

Because Freedom isn’t Free. Thank you to all the men and women who are serving their country at home and abroad and God Bless all those who have given the greatest sacrifice to defend the freedom of this nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Fistacuffs Friday: Geoff Snider

Cause a little hand-to-hand action always helps to spice things up and I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart the weekend.

Today we take a look at Philadelphia Wings Tough-Guy, Geoff Snider

*BE ADVISED: This is also a ‘Goonery Free’ Zone*

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Throw-back Thursdays

Like your favorite pair of Air Force Ones, TheJman is bring you back to the old school. DJ… spin that track.
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Big ups for Matt Alrich, Hawaii MVP

If you don’t know Matt Alrich, it’s easy to be intimidated by his sheer size. He’s big, fast and can really bring the heat.  But Matt is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, or as Mrs. Jman calls him ‘a big teddy bear’.
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