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“Why?” w/ Quint Kessenich

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always agree with Quint Kessenich.  Sometimes not with what he says, a lot of the time not on what he wears…  BUT HE GOT IT RIGHT WITH THIS:–E86EPJ40nw/quint-asks-why

Well done, Q!

Side notes:
– The cost of gear is hamstringing the growth of the sport. 
– NY vs MD Bay State games are no longer a comparable measure of talent.  There needs to be more focus getting the schools to play eachother
– I think the NCAA should mandate that every player has to use an Original Viper
– Pinched heads perpetuate the speed of sidewall deterioration (*See previous item)
– I have no problem with younger players being spotlighted for their play but I think that kids shouldn’t be able to provide commitments, verbal or written, until the Fall of their senior year.
– Regarding ‘eye black’ and ‘pregame music’: Please see my KIN461 paper for more in-depth research about the psychological correlation between these types of rituals and increased athletic performance.


Texas State Tournament: Highland Park v St Mark

We’re here at House Park stadium in Austin, TX, for the Division 1 lacrosse finale as the Highland Park Scots take on the St Marks Lions.  This will mark the 3rd meeting between these teams this year with HP taking wins during the regular season and the North District Championship.
**As noted by Peyton Williams in his ‘Road trip to Annapolis’ blog.  I can see the irony of two teams from who are 15 mins apart in Dallas traveling 3 hours to Austin so they can play eachother.**

It’s an overcast 75 degrees with a light breeze this afternoon, a nice change to the heavy rains that plagued the semi’s. Highland Park (HP) easily advanced with a 14-0 win over Central District Champ, Bowie, while St Mark’s had a barn burner of a game against South District Champ, Strake Jesuit, trading goals the entire second half but locking up a 15-13 win in the final minute.
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